Flycolor Flymonster Series 50A/70A/90A/120A/150A Brushless ESC

Can be Forward and Reverse

Speed Control Support 2-6S Lipo BEC 5.5V/5A for RC Boat

There are Five Model ESC:A-SW050006 ( 50A), A-SW070006 (70A), A-SW090006 (90A), A-SW120006 (120A),A-SW150006 (150A). Please choose the one you want.

Great application for RC boat, special structure design with built-in capacitor to prevent the components damage and corrosion protection.

Professional waterproof technology, excellent performance after long time into water.

Driving Efficiency Optimization technology with built-in BEC in 5A up to 8A, Better performance then Asynchronous rectifier BEC .

Strong powerful , 5 main functional options for selection, Meeting difference level requirement.

Easy to operate, same throttle setting method for both one way & two-way.


01. Main features

Use powerful & high performance MCU. Users can set functions as their demand, fully embody Intelligent characteristics. Unique circuit design, strong anti-interference.

Waterproof design(Note: if there is water in the ESC, Please dry the water at the connectors).

Start mode can be set. throttle response fast, and it has a very smooth speed control linearity. Compatible with scale boat & racing boat.

Low-voltage protection threshold value can be set.

Built-in switch BEC, large power load with servo, lower power dissipation.

Multiple protection functions: input voltage abnormal protection/ low-voltage cutoff protection, over-thermal protection and throttle signal loss protection, make the ESC more reliable.

High power safety performance: wherever the throttle lever is, the motor will not start immediately.

Over thermal protection: when ESC temperature is over 100 °C, output power will automatically reduce. When it's lower than 80°C output power will return to normal.

Cycle menu setting, simple operation. Support setting with program box and transmitter.


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Flycolor 50A Brushless ESC Speed Control Support 2-6S Lipo BEC 5.5V/5A for RC Boat

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