Introduction of Tattu:

Tattu is one of the top rank battery corporations with deep research and manufacturing on LiPo batteries by the effort of 200 professional engineers and technicians with 20 years exquisite battery technology. With super pairing techs, safe and steady formula of raw material, smooth and steady discharge curve and rigorous scientific quality control system, Tattu LiPo Batteries provide the punch and on-demand power for reaching the top speed, acceleration and power your rc models. Experience all the performance that's been engineered into your rc models! 

What is R-Line
  • R-Line is a brand new product line specifically designed for professional FPV racing competitions.
  • It's the selling version of Toppilot batteries.
  • It's also a subsidiary of the Tattu brand. It's got higher capacity, lower internal resistance and lower landing temperatures. They are more powerful than any graphine battery.
  • Generally, R-Line batteries have the same specs as our popular Toppilot batteries.
  • R-Line is currently in version 1.0.
  • In the future different versions will also be rolled out to meet the needs of different FPV racing competitions.

Brand: Tattu


Minimum Capacity: 220mAh


Configuration: 1S1P / 3.7V / 1 cells


Discharge Rate: 45C


Max Burst discharge Rate: 90C


Net Weight: 5.5g


Dimensions: 51mm Length x 12mm Width x 6mm Height


Connector Type: Eflite Stock Connector / Ultra Micro


Balancer Connector Type: NO


Package: 5 x 220mAh Tattu battery

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Tattu 220mah 1s 45C-90C 1.25 molex Lipo Battery Eflite stock connector x 5pcs

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