Happymodel 1S LIHV 6in1 Charger 3.7V 3.8V 1S06 RC lithium Battery 6-way w Digital Display 4.35v Charging Board PH2.0 Plug




Brand: Happymodel
Weight: 41g
Dimensions: 82x51x22mm
Input: DC 7V-25V
Output switchable: Fixed at 200~600 milliamps
Cutoff voltage switchable:
4.20v cell charging cutoff (+- 0.5% margin of error) for 1S Lipo Battery
4.35v cell charging cutoff (+- 0.5% margin of error) for 1S 3.8V LIHV Battery
- Supports Picoblade 1.25, PH 2.0mm battery
- Supports LiHV 4.35v battery
- Supports 6 Batteries charged at the same time
- The display shows the each channel input and output voltage in order.
- Charge at either 200mA or 600mA according to the setting of a switch that can be set independently for each port.
- 2-6S (7.4V-22.2V)as power supply or use adapters with at least 2A battery output.
Ports are numbered 1-6 Do not put more than one battery on a single port. For example: do not insert one battery on the Picoblade 1.25 plug and another on the same port with the PH 2.0 plug.
Packing list:
1pcs*Happymodel 1S LIHV 6in1 Charger

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