FrSky Receiver R9 + R9M Long Range Module System 900Mhz

New R9M high frequency head, add external power XT30 interface.
It can solve the problem of insufficient power supply of high frequency head by external power supply.
R9&R9M is FrSky's first ultra far distance radio control system working at 900MHZ frequency band.
The R9M transmission module provides four power options and can select the appropriate power in different flight environments. Its application range is wider.
Compared with the L9R receiver, the operating distance of R9 receiver is much longer, and the maximum distance can be up to 10KM in a good electromagnetic environment.
In addition,R9 is also a kind of receiver with redundant backup function, which can guarantee the security of the equipment by connecting to another receiver, multiple signal guarantee, and long distance flight more secure.
Note :R9M is only compatible with R9 series receivers, such as R9/R9 SLIM. Corresponding to R9 SLIM,R9 and R9 SLIM receivers can only be opposite to R9M.
Enclosure product name:
FrSky R9M + R9
C/c product specifications:
R9 receiver:
Operating voltage :4V-10V
Working current :100mA @5v
Size (mm) : H13.85 W26.8 L43.3 * *
Weight: 15.8 g 
R9M high frequency head: 
Operating voltage: 4-12.6v
Working frequency: 2.4g /900mHz/868mHz

Compatible with: 
X7 X7S X9D X9DSE X10 X10S 12S
JR and Graupner transmitter interfaces

Package Include: 
1 X R9M Module
1 X R9 long Range Receiver

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FrSky Receiver R9 + R9M Long Range Module System 900Mhz

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