Product features:
Connector type: SMA male
18GHz passband
Frequency range: DC – 3 GHz
Power dissipation: 2 Watts continuous
Impedence: 50Ω
Net Weight: 3.5g(pcs)
Gross Weight: 17g


Type: SMA to Termination Load RF coaxial adapter 50Ω
Material: Made of high quality pure brass, which has good connectivity.
Function: One side is SMA male with male pin, and the other side is Termination Load, used for connecting SMA to Termination Load RF coaxial cable or device.
Applications: Suitable for Antennas, Broadcast, Radios, Wi-Fi, Telecom, Coaxial cable, LMR, Wireless LAN Devices, CCTV, Microwave Applications and Digital Communication System etc.
Package: 2pcs SMA male or RP-SMA Male to Termination Load 50Ω Adapters

Package Included:

2pcs SMA male or RP-SMA Male to Termination Load 50Ω Adapters

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