Battery Parameter: URUAV 3.8V 300Mah 40C / 80C
Capacity: 300mAh
Size: 6 * 12 * 66 mm
Plug: PH2.0 Plug
Continuous discharge rate: 40C / 80C
Weight: 45 g
Colors: Standard colors
Used for Eachine TRASHCAN / Snapper6 / Snapper7 / Snapper8 / Mobula7
Note: Due to the difference between the measurements, the size and the weight of the battery may have little error.
Do not overload or overcharge the batteries.
Do not put it next to the high temperature condition.
Do not throw it into the fire.
Do not throw it in the water.
Package included:
1 x URUAV 3.8V 300Mah 40C / 80C Lipo Battery

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URUAV 3.8V 300mAh 40 / 80C 1S HV 4.35V PH2.0 Lipo Battery for Eachine TRASHCAN Snapper6 7 Mobula7

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