Product description

Brand: Tattu
Capacity(mAh): 650mAh
Voltage(V): 11.1V
Discharge Rate (C): 75C
Max Burst discharge Rate (C): 150C
Configuration: 3S1P
Net Weight(dev.20g): 59g
Length(dev.5mm): 58mm
Width(dev.2mm): 31mm
Height(dev.2mm): 16mm
Connector Type: XT30 Plug
Wire Gauge: AWG16#
Wire Length(mm): 45mm
Balancer Connector Type: JST-XHR

Tattu is the world first battery brand who only focus on supplying power for drones, UAV, UAS and FPV products. Dedicating to providing better flight experience, Tattu has been continuously putting great efforts in technology research & development and now has become the most famous and professional UAV battery brand over the world.

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Tattu 650mAh 3S1P 75C 11.1V Lipo Battery Pack with XT30 plug

  • Merek: Gen ace TATTU
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  • Ketersediaan: 8
  • IDR 195.000