RadioMaster - WT01 Wireless trainer adapter.

The WT01 aims to simplify the the process of setting up a training system between two radios and eliminate cumbersome cables. The WT01 simply connects to the trainer input of the master radio and binds to the student radio just like a receiver using D8, D16 or SFHSS protocols. An included adapter cable set means you can use this system with most radios on the market compatible with these protocols.

The built in battery can be charged by USB-C and provides up to 4 hours of used on a single charge. The WT01 can also be used as a servo tester to drive up to 4 servos.

Compatible with D8 / D16 v1 / SFHSS
Built in 250mah battery (240 minute run time)
USB-C Charging
4ch Servo testing function
Includes adapter cables
Size: 53mm x 25mm
Weight: 20g

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RadioMaster Trainer Adapter WT01 Wireless D8, D16 or SFHSS protocols

  • Kode Produk: WT01
  • Ketersediaan: 10
  • IDR 315.000